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With the development and attractions of the cryptocurrency technology, a lot can be done to benefit the players and fans, bringing them more earnings, better cashing out systems as well as more digital fantasy games. Digital Fantasy Sports is a digital sports platform that seeks to bring this concept of playing fantasy sports while using cryptocurrencies to extraordinary fantasy players. It has created an ER20 token called DFS that seeks to provide a simple secure interface between the players and the league action that they love.


DFS will feature its own network of unique games exclusively found on Digital Fantasy Sports allowing users to compete and win using tokens: NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, FIFA among others. Instead of cashing out winnings in form of tokens at a traditional arcade prize counter, DFS uses the smarts contract technology in Etherum to enable the players exchange and claim their winnings. This method of re-distribution encourages token circulation as well as a way to encourage new players to join the Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) universe.



Jeremy Gerard  
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer


Sports and athletics enthusiast, Jeremy Gerard is thrilled to start the venture and see the growing success of DFS. As a Los Angeles native with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Media Based Imaging & Communication from USC, he has a strong appreciation for both the diversity of athletics and olympian feats and the future of digital currency and markets. Jeremy also obtained a Masters Degree in Luxury Management from the Savannah School of Art and Design, which has enabled him to work in the international realm of business and digital design. He sees the demand for entertainment and engagement in the sports sector, and is excited to create and promote a unique token to meet every fan’s needs.

Jeremy Munter 
 Co-Founder, Fantasy Expert


Jeremy Munter has been featured in The New Yorker as the Future of Fantasy Sports. Jeremy Munter aka, Muntradamus, started BEASTDOME.com a Fantasy Sports Expert Analysis Website in 2010. No Expert Site has won more awards or Qualified for as many Daily Fantasy Championships since BEAST DOME has arrived on the scene. From predicting the Home Run Champion 4x years in a row and to the surprise MVP’s Peyton Manning in 2014 and Matt Ryan in 2016. Jeremy Munter will serve as game master of DFS bringing you new fun Daily



Nick Wallace


Chief Technology Officer


Nick has been a programmer professionally for the last 15 years. He has worked at companies like Microsoft, Fossil, American Airlines, Xbox, Godtube, and Topgolf. He is currently serving as CTO for Jackpot Rising Inc. He built the Beast Franchise (now Batting Order Baseball) game for Jeremy Munter. He has also built a real-time sports scoring network in order to bring real-time stats to Beast Franchise.



Malik Muhammad Umair




Malik just completed his graduation 16 years of education from Comsats Institute of information Technology Wah Cantt. Malik is a software engineer having 5 years of experience in web developing, core php, codignator and Laravel and VUE.js



Ryan Hawk


Audio/Visual Engineer


Ryan is a freelance engineer of eight years. From multi-track studio recording to commercial audio and voice-over production; he has the know when it comes to sound. He is excited to be a part of the DFS team and to assist in promoting this token through a collection of promotional videos and multi-media content.




The Future of Fantasy Sports

DFS offers daily fantasy sport games that no other platform offers.

 The Problem

✘  Platforms come out with the same games

✘  Users creating identical line ups

✘  The rakes are too high

✘  Games are too simple

The Solution

✓  Lowest rake in the industry

✓  Innovative daily fantasy sports games exclusive on dfs

✓  Extra layer of strategy in every game

✓  No one line up is the same


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